Category - Mineral groups

Minerals having similar structural and / or chemical properties are summarized as groups, supergroups or series. These groups are specific, but there are some groups (such as the amphiboles) with under structured sub-groups or series.

-LIT zeolite structure group Erionite series   Montgomeryite group
-PAR zeolite structure group Ettringite group   MOR zeolite structure group
-RON zeolite structure group Euchlorine group Murmanite group
Actinolite-Tremolite Series Eudialyte group NAB zeolite structure group
Adelite-Descloizite group FAU zeolite structure group Nabimusaite Group
Aenigmatite group Faujasite series   NAT zeolite structure group
Aeschynite group Fayalite-Forsterite Series   Nenadkevichite group
Albite-Anorthite Series   Fayalite-Tephroite Series NES zeolite structure group
Aleksite group Feldspar group   Nigerite group
Alkali-Tourmaline group FER zeolite structure group Obradovicite group
Allactite group Ferrierite series   OFF zeolite structure group
Allanite group   Fluorite Group   Olivine group  
Alluaudite group Fougèrite Group   Organovaite group
Alluaudite supergroup Freibergite series   Orthopinakiolite group
Almandine-Pyrope Series   Freibergite-Tetrahedrite Series Orthopyroxene group
Almandine-Spessartine Series   Gadolinite supergroup Osumilite Group
Alnaperbøeite group Galkhaite group Oxyspinel group
Alum Group   Garnet supergroup   Palygorskite group
Alunite supergroup   Garronite series Paralabuntsovite group
Amphibole supergroup   Gatelite group Paratsepinite group
ANA zeolite structure group Gatelite supergroup Pascoite group
Ancylite supergroup Geocronite-Jordanite Series   PAU zeolite structure group
Andalusite group   Giessenite-Izoklakeite Series   Paulingite series  
Andradite-Grossular Series   Giraudite series Pavonite Homologous Series
Annabergite-Erythrite Series   GIS zeolite structure group Pearceite-Polybasite group
Apatite group   GIU zeolite structure group Pentlandite Group
Apatite Supergroup   Glaucocerinite Group Perovskite supergroup
Apophyllite Group   GME zeolite structure group Perowskite group
Arctite supergroup Gmelinite series   Pharmacoalumite group
Ardennite group GOO zeolite structure group Pharmacosiderite group  
Arrojadite group Graftonite group Pharmacosiderite supergroup
Arsenofreibergite Series Greigite-Violarite Series PHI zeolite structure group  
Arsenopyrite Group Grossular-Hibschite Series   Phillipsite series  
Åskagenite group Gutkovaite group Pinakiolite group
Astrophyllite group   Hakite series Planerite-Turquoise Series  
Astrophyllite supergroup Hauchecornite group Polydymite-Violarite Series
Atacamite group   Hedyphane group Priderite group
Axinite group   Hellandite group   Pumpellyite group  
Bafertisite group Herderite group Pyrochlore group  
BEA zeolite structure group HEU zeolite structure group Pyrochlore supergroup  
Belovite group Heulandite series   Pyroxene group  
Beltrandoite group Högbomite group Quintinite Group
Beryl group   Högbomite supergroup Ranciéite-Takanelite Series  
Betafite group Hollandite supergroup Reddingite group
Betpakdalite group Holtite group Reyerite group
Betpakdalite supergroup Hopeite group Rhabdoborite group
BIK zeolite structure group Howardevansite group Rhabdophane group  
Biraite group Hureaulite group RHO zeolite structure group
Bobfergusonite group Hyalotekite group Rhodesite group
BOG zeolite structure group Hydrocalumite Group Rhodonite group
Bournonite-Seligmannite Series Hydrotalcite Group Rhönite group
Brackebuschite group   Hydrotalcite Supergroup   Rinkite group
Brackebuschite supergroup Ilmenite group Rockbridgeite group  
Braunite group Ilmenite-Pyrophanite Series Roméite group  
BRE zeolite structure group Iranite group Rosenbuschite group
Brewsterite series   Ivanyukite group Ruizite group
Britholite group Jahnsite group Sapphirine group
Calcic-Tourmaline group Joaquinite group Sapphirine supergroup
Calcioferrite group Kamiokite group Sartorite homologues series  
Calcite group Köttigite-Parasymplesite Series Schoonerite group
Cancrinit–Sodalit supergroup Koritnigite group Seidozerite supergroup
Cancrinite Group Kupletskite group Selenospinel group
Cerite group Kuzmenkoite group   Siegenite-Violarite Series
Cerite supergroup Labuntsovite group   Sodalite group
CHA zeolite structure group Labuntsovite supergroup Spinel supergroup
Chabazite series   Lamprophyllite group Stannite group
Chalcanthit group Lapieite group STI zeolite structure group
Chalcopyrite group Lasalite group Stilbite series  
Chamosite-Clinochlore Series   Latiumite Group Strunzite group  
Chevkinite group LAU zeolite structure group Surinamite group
Childrenite-Eosphorite Series   Laueite group Taaffeite group
Chlorite group   Laueite supergroup Tellurantimony-Tellurobismuthite Series
Chromite-Magnesiochromite Series Lavendulan group Tennantite series  
Clinoptilolite series   Lazulite group TER zeolite structure group
Clinopyroxene group   Lemmleinite group Tetradymite group
Columbite group Lemoynite group Tetrahedrite Group  
Columbite-(Fe)-Columbite-(Mn) Series Leucophosphite group Tetrahedrite series  
Conichalcite-Duftite Series   LEV zeolite structure group Thiospinel Group
Copiapite group Lévyne series   THO zeolite structure group
Corkite-Hinsdalite Series   Lillianite group Tilasite-Durangite group
Coronadite group Londonite-Rhodizite Series   Tobermorite group
Crichtonite Group LOV zeolite structure group Tobermorite supergroup
Cualstibite Group Lovozerite group Tourmaline supergroup  
Cylindrite group LTL zeolite structure group TSC zeolite structure group
DAC zeolite structure group Ludwigite group Tsumcorite group
Dachiardite series   Luzonite-Famatinite Series   Tuhualite group
Descloizite-Mottramite Series   Maghrebite group unassigned zeolite structure group
Devitoite group Magnesite-Gaspéite Series Västmanlandite group
Diopside-Hedenbergite Series   Magnesite-Siderite Series   Variscite group
Djerfisherite group Magnetoplumbite group Vesuvianite group  
Dollaseite group MAR zeolite structure group Voltaite group
Dolomite group   Marcasite group VSV zeolite structure group
Dravite-Schorl Series   Margarosanite group Wadalite group
Dufrénite group Marokite supergroup Walentaite group
Dumortierite group Mayenite group Warwickite group
Dumortierite supergroup Mayenite supergroup WEI zeolite structure group
EAB zeolite structure group MAZ zeolite structure group Welinite group
EDI zeolite structure group Mckelveyite group Wicksite group
Elbaite-Liddicoatite Series   Melilite group Wodginite group
Ellestadite group   Mendozavilite group Wöhlerite group
Elsmoréite group MER zeolite structure group Woodwardite Group  
Enstatite-Ferrosilite Series   Merrillite group Wyllieite group
EON zeolite structure group Metavariscite group X-vacant-Tourmaline group
EPI zeolite structure group MFI zeolite structure group YUG zeolite structure group
Epidote group   Mica group   Zadovite Group
Epidote supergroup   Microlite group   Zemannite group
Epidote-törnebohmite polysomatic series Mimetite-Pyromorphite Series   Zeolite group  
Epistolite group Mixite group Zippeite group
ERI zeolite structure group MON zeolite structure group Zorite group
Ericssonite group Monazite group

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