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Chile / Tarapacá, Region (I. Region) / Iquique, Provinz / Santa Rosa-Huantajaya, Distrikt / Mina Santa Rosa

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Die Santa Rosa Mine ist ein Gang innerhalb des alten Santa Rosa Silber-Distrikts. 15 km SO von Iquique.

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Polymetallische Ag, Cu und Pb Gangerzlagerstätte.

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⚒ Santa Rosa, Santa Rosa-Huantajaya, Iquique, Tarapacá, CL
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Important: Before entering this or any other place of discovery you should have a permission of the operator and/or owner. Likewise it is to be respected that necessary safety precautions are kept during the visit.

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Bildbreite: 0,2 mm, Fundort: Mina Santa Rosa, Iquique, Tarapaca, Chile.

Copyright: Luigi Mattei
Contribution: thdun5 2010-01-16
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dunkelblauer Juangodoyit
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dunkelblauer Juangodoyit

Fundort: Mina Santa Rosa, Iquique, Tarapaca, Chile; Größe: 8x6 cm

Copyright: Leonardus
Contribution: slugslayer 2008-08-01
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Views (Image: 1222620860): 1084

Fundort: Mina Santa Rosa, Iquique, Tarapaca, Chile; Bildbreite: 4 mm

Copyright: Leonardus
Contribution: slugslayer 2008-09-28
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