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Pyritisierter Ammonit Uptonia cf. regnardi; Größe 2,5 cm; Herford; aus dem Unteren Jura, (ca. 195 bis 180 Mio. Jahre)

Copyright: Soenke
Contribution: Collector 2007-01-21
Locality: Herford / Herford, Kreis / Detmold, Bezirk / Nordrhein-Westfalen / Deutschland


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Gaeabionta  ⇒ Domäne: Eukaryota  ⇒ Reich: Animalia  ⇒ Mittelreich: Eumetazoa  ⇒ Klade: Triploblastica  ⇒ Klade: Eutriploblastica  ⇒ Klade: Neotriploblastica  ⇒ Klade: Eucoelomata  ⇒ Superstamm: Eutrochozoa  ⇒ Stamm: Mollusca  ⇒ Klasse: Cephalopoda  ⇒ Unterklasse: Ammonoïdea  ⇒ Ordnung: Ammonitida  ⇒ Unterordnung: Ammonitina  ⇒ Überfamilie: Eoderoceratoidea  ⇒ Familie: Polymorphitidae  ⇒ Unterfamilie: Polymorphitinae

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This mentioned taxonomy is an attempt to make an conclusive assignment from the different classifications of various scientists. Because the taxonomy may change due to the latest investigative methods and other findings, our map is a guide only.

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Sepkoski, 2002

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  • Leitart: Uptonia jamesoni

Lebenszeitraum in Million Jahren (Ma)

Start age: 183 Ma - End age: 182 Ma
Lower/Early Jurassic

Additional data by PBDB, License: CC BY

Motility: fast-moving
Compositon of the remains:


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References by PBDB, License: CC BY

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