Calculaton of weight diversification in the formula unit

If the original analytical data is available, these are specified in the empirical formula and take approach to the calculation. Otherwise, the data from the general formula is used for the calculation.


The molecule of a substance contains one or an integral multiple of chemical formula units (Z-value). Mineral formulas refer to this formula units, the size and position of atoms in this unit.

Calculation of the chemical conditions

The calculation of conditions in the unit cell is the sum of the atoms divided by the sum of the respective mass of the elements involved.

In the case of variable composition the following procedure will apply:

(K,Na) = K0.75 Na0.25
(K,Na,Cs)= K0.6 Na0.3 Cs0.1

(0.75; 0.25)
(0.6; 0.3; 0.1)
(0.55; 0.2; 0.15; 0.1)
(0.3; 0.25; 0.2; 0.15; 0.1)

As this is a simplified calculation, the results in these cases are only indicative.

Are specified in the formula REE rare earth these are valued at 144u atomic mass.

Are specified in the formula Ln Lanthanoides these are valued at 157.165 atomic mass.

The list of ingredients is rising by atomic number.