Champion Lode


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Indien / Karnataka / Kolar, Distrikt / Kolar Gold Fields / Zentraler Schiefer-Gürtel / Champion Lode


Gold-haltiger Quarz (+/- Calcit +/- Scheelit) Gänge mit bis zu 4 m Dicke. Der Sulfid-Gehalt ist sehr niedrig.

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Champion Lode, Zentraler Schiefer-Gürtel, Kolar Gold Fields, Kolar, Karnataka, IN
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Important: Before entering this or any other place of discovery you should have a permission of the operator and/or owner. Likewise it is to be respected that necessary safety precautions are kept during the visit.

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Minerals (Count: 26)

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  • Genkin, A.D. et al. (1985). Kolarite PbTeCl2 and radhakrishnaite PbTe3(Cl,S)2, new mineral species from the Kolar Gold Deposit, India. Can. Min., 23, 501-06. (Typ-Publ.)
  • Mishra, B., and Panigrahi, M.K. (1999): Fluid evolution in the Kolar Gold Field: evidence from fluid inclusion studies. Min. Depos. 34, 173-81.


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