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s.a. > Mineralien der Seltenen Erden in den Pegmatiten von Zentral-Madagaskar

Minerals (Count: 283)

Mineral images (31 Images total)

Views (Image: 1485951699): 4330

L-R 3.20, 2.72, 4.60, 3.59 ct. The specimens on the left are untreated, those on the right are heated to 600º C. Madagascar. GIA collection (L-R #20856, 29202, 29203, 33785); Mark Mauthner photo.

Copyright: mmauthner
Contribution: Stefan 2017-02-01
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Views (Image: 1390034080): 1438

Größe: 50x33x25 mm; Fundort: ehem. Provinz Tulear, Madagaskar

Collection: Christian Blümner (Chris18) & Philip Blümner (slugslayer)
Copyright: slugslayer
Contribution: slugslayer 2014-01-18
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Quarz XX
Views (Image: 1208196631): 3750
Quarz XX

Größe: 9 cm breit; Fundort: Provinz Fianarantsoa, Madagaskar

Collection: Maggy
Copyright: Maggy
Contribution: slugslayer 2008-04-14
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Rocks (Count: 38)

Fossils (Count: 22)

Fossil images (2 Images total)

Versteinertes Holz (Araucarioxylon)
Views (Image: 1315380668): 5937
Versteinertes Holz (Araucarioxylon) (SNr: 1VH.Ma.01)

11,0x7,0x2,7 cm, Madagaskar

Collection: ingo
Copyright: ingo
Contribution: ingo 2011-09-07
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Views (Image: 1422371150): 4064

Pseudaganides aus Madagaskar, Provinz Toliara (Tulear); Jura.

Copyright: Wikipedia-User: Antonov
Contribution: oliverOliver 2015-01-27
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