Dana 8 Classification

01 Native Elements and Alloys

01.01 Native Elements with metallic elements other than the platinum group

01.01.01 Gold group

Gold Au kubisch Fm3m m3m
Silver Ag kubisch Fm3m m3m
Copper Cu kubisch Fm3m m3m
Lead Pb kubisch Fm3m m3m
Aluminium Al kubisch Fm3m m3m

01.01.02 Auricupride Group

Auricupride Cu3Au kubisch Pm3m m3m
Tetra-auricupride AuCu tetragonal P4/mmm 4/mmm
Yuanjiangite AuSn hexagonal P63/mmc 6/mmm


Maldonite Au2Bi kubisch Fd3m m3m

01.01.04 Anyuiite and related alloys

Anyuiite AuPb2 tetragonal I4/mcm 4/mmm
Hunchunite Au2Pb kubisch Fd3m m3m


Zinc Zn hexagonal P63/mmc 6/mmm
Cadmium Cd hexagonal P63/mmc 6/mmm


Danbaite CuZn2 kubisch
Zhanghengite ß-CuZn kubisch Im3m m3m


Mercury Hg trigonal R3m 3m

01.01.08 Silver Amalgam Alloys

Moschellandsbergite Ag2Hg3 kubisch I23 23
Schachnerite Ag1.1Hg0.9 hexagonal P63/mmc 6/mmm
Paraschachnerite Ag1.2Hg0.8 orthorhombisch Cmcm, Cmc21, C2cm mmm, mm2, mm2
Luanheite Ag3Hg hexagonal
Eugenite Ag11Hg2 kubisch I43m 43m
Weishanite (Au,Ag)1.2Hg0.8 hexagonal P63/mmc 6/mmm

01.01.09 Copper Amalgam Alloys

Kolymite Cu7Hg6 kubisch I43m 43m
Belendorffite Cu7Hg6 trigonal R3m 3m

01.01.10 Lead Amalgam Alloys

Leadamalgam Pb0.7Hg0.3 tetragonal I4/mmm 4/mmm

01.01.11 Iron-Nickel group

Kamacite (Fe,Ni) kubisch Im3m m3m
Taenite (Ni,Fe) kubisch Fm3m m3m
Tetrataenite FeNi monoklin Pm m
Awaruite Ni3Fe kubisch Pm3m m3m
Nickel Ni kubisch Fm3m m3m
Wairauite CoFe kubisch Pm3m m3m


Chromium Cr kubisch Im3m m3m
Chromferide Fe1.5Cr0.2 kubisch Pm3m m3m
Ferchromide Cr3Fe1-x kubisch Pm3m m3m


Tin Sn tetragonal I41/amd 4/mmm


Indium In tetragonal I4/mmm 4/mmm


Cupalite (Cu,Zn)Al orthorhombisch
Khatyrkite (Cu,Zn)Al2 tetragonal I4/mcm 4/mmm


Cohenite (Fe,Ni,Co)3C orthorhombisch Pnma mmm
Haxonite (FeNi)23C6 kubisch
Isovite (Cr,Fe)23C6 kubisch Fm3m m3m


Tongbaite Cr3C2 orthorhombisch Pnma mmm
Florenskyite Fe(Ti,Ni)P orthorhombisch Pnma mmm


Siderazot Fe3N1.33 hexagonal P63/mmc 6/mmm
Roaldite Fe4N kubisch Pm3m m3m

01.01.19 Osbornite group carbides and nitrides

Osbornite TiN kubisch Fm3m m3m
Khamrabaevite (Ti,V,Fe)C kubisch Fm3m m3m
Niobocarbide (Nb,Ta)C kubisch Fm3m m3m
Tantalcarbide TaC kubisch Fm3m m3m


Carlsbergite CrN kubisch Fm3m m3m

01.01.21 Barringerite Group phosphides

Barringerite (Fe,Ni)2P hexagonal P62m 6m2
Schreibersite (Fe,Ni)3P tetragonal I4 4
Nickelphosphide (Ni,Fe)3P tetragonal I4 4
Allabogdanite (Fe,Ni)2P orthorhombisch Pnma mmm


Perryite (Ni,Fe)8(Si,P)3 trigonal R3c 3m

01.01.23 Suessite Group silicides

Suessite (Fe,Ni)3Si kubisch Im3m m3m
Gupeiite Fe3Si kubisch Fm3m m3m
Xifengite Fe5Si3 hexagonal P63/mcm 6/mmm
Hapkeite Fe2Si kubisch Pm3m m3m


Yarlongite (Cr4Fe4Ni)C4 hexagonal P63mc 6mm


Mavlyanovite Mn5Si3 hexagonal P63/mcm 6/mmm


Jedwabite Fe7(Ta,Nb)3 hexagonal P63mc, P62c, P63/mmc 6mm, 6m2, 6/mmm


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