Hoelzel Classification


2.D With Me/S <1/1 and >1/2

2.DB Me/S=2/3

2.DB.1 Stibnite-Group

Stibnite Sb2S3 orthorhombisch Pbnm mmm 2.DB.100
Metastibnite Sb2S3 amorph 2.DB.105
Antimonselite Sb2Se3 orthorhombisch Pbnm mmm 2.DB.110
Bismuthinite Bi2S3 orthorhombisch Pbnm mmm 2.DB.120
Guanajuatite Bi2Se3 orthorhombisch Pbnm mmm 2.DB.130
Paraguanajuatite Bi2(Se,S)3 trigonal R3m 3m 2.DB.150
Pääkkönenite Sb2AsS2 monoklin C2/m 2/m 2.DB.160
Ottemannite Sn2S3 orthorhombisch Pnam mmm 2.DB.170
Suredaite PbSnS3 orthorhombisch Pnma mmm 2.DB.180

2.DB.2 Bowieite-Group

Bowieite (Rh,Ir,Pt)1.77S3 orthorhombisch Pbcn mmm 2.DB.200
Kashinite (Ir,Rh)2S3 orthorhombisch Pbcn mmm 2.DB.230


Edgarite FeNb3+2Nb4+S6 hexagonal P63 6 2.DB.400


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