Lapis Classification


IV/F Hydroxide und oxidische Hydrate (wasserhaltige Oxide mit Schichtstruktur)


Sassolite B(OH)3 triklin P1 1 IV/F.01-010
Behoite Be(OH)2 orthorhombisch P212121 222 IV/F.01-020
Clinobehoite Be(OH)2 monoklin P21 2 IV/F.01-030


Gibbsite Al(OH)3 monoklin P21/n 2/m IV/F.02-010
Bayerite Al(OH)3 monoklin P21/n 2/m IV/F.02-020
Nordstrandite Al(OH)3 triklin I1 1 IV/F.02-030
Doyleite Al(OH)3 triklin P1 1 IV/F.02-040

IV/F.03 Brucit-Reihe

Brucite Mg(OH)2 trigonal P3m1 3m IV/F.03-010
Amakinite Fe(OH)2 trigonal P3m1 3m IV/F.03-020
Pyrochroite Mn(OH)2 trigonal P3m1 3m IV/F.03-030
Theophrastite Ni(OH)2 trigonal P3m1 3m IV/F.03-040
Paraotwayite Ni(OH)2-x(SO4,CO3)0.5x monoklin IV/F.03-050
Jamborite Ni2+1-xCo3+x(OH)2-x(SO4)x·nH2O trigonal R3m 3m IV/F.03-055
Sweetite Zn(OH)2 tetragonal IV/F.03-060
Ashoverite Zn(OH)2 tetragonal I41/amd 4/mmm IV/F.03-070
Wülfingite Zn(OH)2 orthorhombisch P212121 222 IV/F.03-080
Spertiniite Cu(OH)2 orthorhombisch Cmc21 mm2 IV/F.03-090
Portlandite Ca(OH)2 trigonal P3m1 3m IV/F.03-100


Brandholzite Mg[Sb5+(OH)6]2·6H2O trigonal P3 3 IV/F.04-015
Bottinoite NiSb25+(OH)12·6H2O trigonal P3 3 IV/F.04-020


Chlormagaluminite (Mg,Fe2+)4Al2(OH)12(Cl2,CO3)·2H2O hexagonal P6c2 6m2 IV/F.05-005
Meixnerite Mg6Al2(OH)18·4H2O trigonal R3m 3m IV/F.05-010
Fougèrite Fe2+6Fe3+2(OH)16CO3·3H2O trigonal R3m 3m IV/F.05-012
Woodallite Mg6(Cr,Fe3+)2(OH)16Cl2·4H2O trigonal R3m 3m IV/F.05-015
Iowaite Mg6Fe3+2(OH)16Cl2·4H2O trigonal R3m 3m IV/F.05-020
Droninoite Ni6Fe3+2Cl2(OH)16·4H2O trigonal R3m 3m IV/F.05-025
Muskoxite Mg7Fe43+O13·10 H2O hexagonal IV/F.05-030


Diaspore AlO(OH) orthorhombisch Pbnm mmm IV/F.06-010
Böhmite AlO(OH) orthorhombisch Amam mmm IV/F.06-020
Tsumgallite GaO(OH) orthorhombisch Pbnm mmm IV/F.06-025
Goethite alpha-Fe3+O(OH) orthorhombisch Pbnm mmm IV/F.06-030
Lepidocrocite gamma-Fe3+O(OH) orthorhombisch Cmcm mmm IV/F.06-040
Akaganeite (Fe3+,Ni2+)8(OH,O)16Cl1.25·nH2O monoklin I2/m 2/m IV/F.06-050
Schwertmannite Fe3+16[O16|(OH)9-12(SO4)3.5-2] tetragonal P4/m 4/m IV/F.06-055
Feroxyhyte Fe3+O(OH) trigonal P3m1 3m IV/F.06-060
Manganite Mn3+O(OH) monoklin P21/c 2/m IV/F.06-070
Groutite Mn3+O(OH) orthorhombisch Pbnm mmm IV/F.06-080
Feitknechtite Mn3+O(OH) trigonal P3m1 3m IV/F.06-090


Heterogenite Co3+O(OH) hexagonal R3m 3m IV/F.07
Lithiophorite (Al,Li)Mn4+O2(OH)2 trigonal R3m 3m IV/F.07-010
Asbolane (Co,Ni)1-y(Mn4+O2)2-x(OH)2-2y+2x ·n H2O hexagonal IV/F.07-020
Heterogenite-2H Co3+O(OH) hexagonal P63/mmc 6/mmm IV/F.07-030
Bracewellite Cr3+O(OH) orthorhombisch Pbnm mmm IV/F.07-050
Guyanaite Cr3+O(OH) orthorhombisch Pnnm mmm IV/F.07-060
Grimaldiite Cr3+O(OH) trigonal R3m 3m IV/F.07-070


Tivanite V3+TiO3(OH) monoklin P21/c 2/m IV/F.08-010
Montroseite (V3+,Fe3+)O(OH) orthorhombisch Pbnm mmm IV/F.08-020
Paramontroseite VO2 orthorhombisch Pbnm mmm IV/F.08-030


Akdalaite (Al2O3)5·H2O hexagonal P63mc 6mm IV/F.09-010
Ferrihydrite Fe3+10O14(OH)2 hexagonal P63mc 6mm IV/F.09-020


Hydrocalumite Ca2Al(OH)6[Cl1-x(OH)x]·3H2O monoklin P2/c 2/m IV/F.10-010
Kuzelite Ca4Al2[SO4|(OH)12]·6H2O trigonal R3, R3 3, 3 IV/F.10-020


Jianshuiite (Mg,Mn2+)Mn34+O7·3H2O triklin P1 1 IV/F.11-005
Aurorite Mn2+Mn4+3O7·3H2O trigonal R3, R3 3, 3 IV/F.11-010
Ernienickelite NiMn34+O7·3H2O trigonal R3, R3 3, 3 IV/F.11-015
Chalcophanite (Zn,Fe2+,Mn2+)Mn34+O7·3H2O trigonal R3 3 IV/F.11-020
Cianciulliite Mn4+(Mg,Mn2+)2Zn21+(OH)10·2-4H2O monoklin C2/m 2/m IV/F.11-025
Birnessite (Na,Ca,K)0.6(Mn4+,Mn3+)2O4·1.5H2O monoklin C2/m 2/m IV/F.11-030
Buserite Na4Mn14O27·21H2O orthorhombisch IV/F.11-040


Cualstibite-1M Cu5Al2Sb3+3O12(OH)·12H2O monoklin P21/c 2/m IV/F.12-010
Cualstibite Cu2AlSb5+(OH)12 trigonal P3 3 IV/F.12-020
Zincalstibite Zn2AlSb5+(OH)12 trigonal P3 3 IV/F.12-030


Shakhovite Hg41+Sb5+O3(OH)3 monoklin Im m IV/F.13-010


Quenselite PbMn3+O2(OH) monoklin P2/a 2/m IV/F.14-010


Söhngeite Ga(OH)3 orthorhombisch Pmn21 mm2 IV/F.15-010
Dzhalindite In(OH)3 kubisch Im3 m3 IV/F.15-020
Bernalite Fe(OH)3 orthorhombisch Pmmn mmm IV/F.15-030

IV/F.16 Schoenfliesit-Gruppe

Schoenfliesite Mg[Sn(OH)6] kubisch Pn3 m3 IV/F.16-010
Burtite CaSn4+(OH)6 kubisch Pn3 m3 IV/F.16-020
Wickmanite Mn2+Sn4+(OH)6 IV/F.16-030
Natanite Fe2+Sn4+(OH)6 kubisch Pn3m m3m IV/F.16-040
Mushistonite (Cu,Zn,Fe)Sn4+(OH)6 kubisch Pn3m m3m IV/F.16-050
Vismirnovite ZnSn4+(OH)6 kubisch Pn3m m3m IV/F.16-060

IV/F.17 Stottit-Gruppe

Mopungite NaSb(OH)6 tetragonal P42/n 4/m IV/F.17-010
Tetrawickmanite Mn2+Sn4+(OH)6 IV/F.17-020
Jeanbandyite Fe3+Sn(OH)5O kubisch Pn3 m3 IV/F.17-030
Stottite Fe2+Ge(OH)6 tetragonal P42/n 4/m IV/F.17-040
Eyselite Fe3+Ge4+3O7(OH) orthorhombisch IV/F.17-050


Varlamoffite (Sn,Fe)(O,OH)2 tetragonal P42/mnm 4/mmm IV/F.18-010


Kimrobinsonite (Ta,Nb)(OH)3(O,CO3) kubisch IV/F.19-010

Literatur / Quellangabe

Weiß, Stefan - Das Große Lapis-Mineralienverzeichnis


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