Calcium amphiboles


Addi­tional chem. informa­tion

Allg. Formel: B(Ca + ΣM2+)/ΣB ≥ 0.75, BCa/ΣB ≥ BΣM2+/ΣB

Min­eral sta­tus


IMA Classification

IMA Clas­sifica­tion

Amphibole supergroup  ⇒ (OH,F,Cl)-dominant amphiboles


Standardization of mineral group hierarchies: Eur. J. Min., 21 (2009), 1073-1080.

Additions and Revisions to the IMA 1997 Amphibole nomenclature: Can. Mineral., 41 (2003), 1355-1362.

Frank C. Hawthorne, Roberta Oberti, George E. Harlow, Walter V. Maresch, Robert F. Martin, John C. Schumacer, Mark D. Welch (2012): Nomenclature of the amphibole supergroup, American Mineralogist, Volume 97, pages 2031–2048

Named amphiboles and the proper order of prefixes in amphibole names: Can. Mineral., 42 (2004), 1881-1883.

IMA group assignments

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