(Weitergeleitet von Seltene Erden)

Mineral Portrait - REE - Rare Earth Elements (english abstract)

This is the most comprehensive synopsis related to the history, the mineralogy, the exploitation and the most actual economic and political resumé on rare earth elements and their minerals to be found in the internet. REE belong to the most important raw materials of the 21st century, which are used in a large number of key technologies. However, due to the fact that almost 97% of the world's REE are mined and produced in China, REE have become an ongoing political issue, mainly amongst technology providing countries like the US, Japan and Western Europe.

This portrait tries to explain the characteristics of REE and their role for our modern world. Written and investigated by Peter Seroka. (Article in german)

Seltene Erden

Seltene Erden
Seltene Erden

Oxide der Seltenen Erden. In Uhrzeigerrichtung:; Praseodym-Cer-Lanthan-Neodym-Samarium-Gadolinium; ImageNr D115-1Peggy Greb ARS USDA Public Domain

Peggy Greb

Englisch: Rare Earth Elements (REE) und/oder Rare Earth Metals (REM);
Französisch: Terres Rares; Spanisch: Tierras Raras



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