Mineralklasse-7.B nach "Strunz 9. Auflage"

Strunz 9 Classification

7 Sulfate (Selenate, Tellurate, Chromate, Molybdate, Wolframate)

7.B Sulfate (Selenate, etc.) mit weitere Anionen, ohne H2O

7.B Sulfate (Selenate, etc.) mit weitere Anionen, ohne H2O

7.B. Sulfate (Selenate, etc.) mit weitere Anionen, ohne H2O

Wulffite K3NaCu4O2(SO4)4 orthorhombisch Pn21a mm2
Parawulffite K5Na3Cu8O4(SO4)8 monoklin P2/c 2/m
Andymcdonaldite Fe2TeO6 tetragonal P42/mnm 4/mmm

7.BB Mit mittelgroßen Kationen

7.BB. Mit mittelgroßen Kationen

Grandviewite Cu3Al9(SO4)2(OH)29

7.BB.05 Caminit-Gruppe

Caminite Mg1.4(SO4)(OH)0.8·0.2H2O tetragonal I41/amd 4/mmm

7.BB.10 Hauckit-Gruppe

Hauckite (Mg,Mn2+)24Zn18Fe33+(SO4)4(CO3)2(OH)81 hexagonal

7.BB.15 Antlerit-Gruppe

Antlerite Cu3(SO4)(OH)4 orthorhombisch Pnma mmm

7.BB.20 Dolerophanit-Gruppe

Dolerophanite Cu2(SO4)O monoklin C2/m 2/m

7.BB.25 Brochantit-Gruppe

Brochantite Cu4(SO4)(OH)6 monoklin P21/a 2/m
Ramaccioniite Cu4[SeO4](OH)6 monoklin P21/a 2/m

7.BB.30 Vergasovait-Gruppe

Vergasovaite Cu3[O|SO4|(Mo,S)O4] orthorhombisch Pnma mmm
Cupromolybdite Cu3O(MoO4)2 orthorhombisch Pnma mmm

7.BB.35 Klebelsbergit-Gruppe

Tavagnascoite Bi4O4(SO4)(OH)2 orthorhombisch Pca21 mm2
Klebelsbergite Sb43+O4(OH)2(SO4) orthorhombisch Pca21 mm2

7.BB.40 Schuetteit-Gruppe

Schuetteite Hg3(SO4)O2 trigonal P3121 32


Paraotwayite Ni(OH)2-x(SO4,CO3)0.5x monoklin

7.BB.50 Xocomecatlit-Gruppe

Xocomecatlite Cu3Te6+O4(OH)4 orthorhombisch


Pauflerite VO(SO4) orthorhombisch Pnma mmm

7.BC Mit mittelgroßen und großen [Kationen]

7.BC. Mit mittelgroßen und großen [Kationen]

Backite Pb2AlTeO6Cl trigonal P312 312
Mojaveite Cu6[Te6+O4(OH)2](OH)7Cl trigonal R3 3
Adranosite-(Al) (NH4)4NaAl2(SO4)4Cl(OH)2 tetragonal I41/acd 4/mmm
Müllerite Pb2Fe3+(Te6+O6)Cl trigonal P312 312

7.BC.05 D'Ansit-Gruppe

D'Ansite Na21MgCl3(SO4)10 kubisch I43d 43m
D'Ansite-(Fe) Na21Fe(SO4)10Cl3 kubisch I43d 43m
D'Ansite-(Mn) Na21Mn2+(SO4)10Cl3 kubisch I43d 43m

7.BC.10 Alunit-Gruppe

Alunite KAl3(SO4)2(OH)6 trigonal R3m 3m
Huangite Ca0.5Al3[(OH)6|(SO4)2] trigonal R3m 3m
Jarosite KFe3+3(SO4)2(OH)6 trigonal R3m 3m
Walthierite Ba0.5Al3(SO4)2(OH)6 trigonal R3m 3m
Natroalunite-1c NaAl3(SO4)2(OH)6 trigonal R3m 3m
Osarizawaite Pb(Al2Cu2+)(SO4)2(OH)6 trigonal R3m 3m
Dorallcharite (Tl,K)Fe3+3[(OH)6|(SO4)2] trigonal R3m 3m
Natrojarosite NaFe3+3(SO4)2(OH)6 trigonal R3m 3m
Ammonioalunite NH4Al3(SO4)2(OH)6 trigonal R3m, R3m 3m, 3m
Beaverite-(Cu) Pb(Fe3+2Cu)(SO4)2(OH)6 trigonal R3m 3m
Plumbojarosite PbFe63+(SO4)4(OH)12 trigonal R3m 3m
Ammoniojarosite NH4Fe3+3(SO4)2(OH)6 trigonal R3m 3m
Argentojarosite AgFe3+3(SO4)2(OH)6 trigonal R3m 3m
Beaverite-(Zn) Pb(Fe3+2Zn)(SO4)2(OH)6 trigonal R3m 3m
Natroalunite-2c NaAl3(SO4)2(OH)6 trigonal R3m 3m
Schlossmacherite (H3O,Ca)Al3(AsO4,SO4)2(OH)6 trigonal R3m 3m
Hydronium jarosite (H3O)Fe3+3(SO4)2(OH)6 trigonal R3m 3m

7.BC.15 Ye'elimit-Gruppe

Ye'elimite Ca4Al6O12(SO4) kubisch I4132 432

7.BC.20 Nabokoit-Gruppe

Nabokoite Cu72+Te4+O4(SO4)5·KCl tetragonal P4/ncc 4/mmm
Atlasovite KCu62+Fe3+Bi3+[O4|Cl|(SO4)5] tetragonal P4/ncc 4/mmm

7.BC.25 Chlorothionit-Gruppe

Chlorothionite K2Cu(SO4)Cl2 orthorhombisch Pnma mmm

7.BC.30 Euchlorin-Gruppe

Puninite Na2Cu3O(SO4)3 monoklin C2/c 2/m
Euchlorine KNaCu32+(SO4)3O monoklin C2/c 2/m
Fedotovite K2Cu2+3(O|(SO4)3) monoklin C2/c 2/m

7.BC.35 Kamchatkit-Gruppe

Kamchatkite KCu32+OCl(SO4)2 orthorhombisch Pna21 mm2

7.BC.40 Piypit-Gruppe

Piypite K4Cu4O2(SO4)4·(Na,Cu)Cl tetragonal I4 4

7.BC.45 Klyuchevskit-Gruppe

Eleomelanite (K2Pb)Cu4O2(SO4)4 monoklin P21/n 2/m
Klyuchevskite K3Cu3(Fe3+,Al)O2(SO4)4 monoklin I2 2
Alumoklyuchevskite K3Cu3(Al,Fe3+)O2(SO4)4 monoklin I2 2

7.BC.50 Caledonit-Gruppe

Caledonite Pb5Cu2(CO3)(SO4)3(OH)6 orthorhombisch Pmn21 mm2

7.BC.55 Wherryit-Gruppe

Wherryite Pb7Cu2(SO4)4(SiO4)2(OH)2 monoklin C2/m 2/m

7.BC.60 Mammothit-Gruppe

Mammothite Pb6Cu4AlSb5+O2(SO4)2Cl4(OH)16 monoklin C2 2

7.BC.65 Linarit-Gruppe

Linarite PbCu(SO4)(OH)2 monoklin P21/m 2/m
Munakataite Pb2Cu2(Se4+O3)(SO4)(OH)4 monoklin P21/m 2/m
Schmiederite Pb2Cu22+(Se4+O3)(Se6+O4)(OH)4 monoklin P21/m 2/m

7.BC.70 Chenit-Gruppe

Chenite Pb4Cu(SO4)2(OH)6 triklin P1 1

7.BC.75 Krivovichevit-Gruppe

Krivovichevite Pb3[Al(OH)6](SO4)(OH) trigonal R3c 3m


Anhydrokainite KMg(SO4)Cl


Balićžunićite Bi2O(SO4)2 triklin P1 1
Adranosite-(Fe) (NH4)4NaFe3+2(SO4)4Cl(OH)2 tetragonal I41/acd 4/mmm

7.BD Mit ausschließlich großen [Kationen]

7.BD.05 Sulfohalit-Schairerit-Gruppe

Sulphohalite Na6(SO4)2FCl kubisch Fm3m m3m

7.BD.10 Schairerit-Gruppe

Galeite Na15(SO4)5F4Cl trigonal P31m 3m
Schairerite Na21(SO4)7F6Cl trigonal P31m 3m

7.BD.15 Kogarkoit-Gruppe

Kogarkoite Na3(SO4)F monoklin P21/m 2/m

7.BD.20 Cesanit-Gruppe

Cesanite Na7Ca3(SO4)6(OH)·H2O hexagonal P6 3m
Aiolosite Na4Bi(SO4)3Cl hexagonal P63/m 6/m
Caracolite Na3(Pb2Na)(SO4)3Cl monoklin P21/m 2/m

7.BD.25 Burkeit-Gruppe

Burkeite Na4(SO4)(CO3) orthorhombisch Pbnm mmm

7.BD.30 Hanksit-Gruppe

Hanksite KNa22(SO4)9(CO3)2Cl hexagonal P63/m 6/m

7.BD.35 Cannonit-Gruppe

Cannonite Bi2O(SO4)(OH)2 monoklin P21/c 2/m

7.BD.40 Lanarkit-Gruppe

Lanarkite Pb2(SO4)O monoklin C2/m 2/m

7.BD.45 Grandreefit-Gruppe

Sundiusite Pb10(SO4)Cl2O8 monoklin
Grandreefite Pb2SO4F2 monoklin A2/a 2/m
Pseudograndreefite Pb6SO4F10 orthorhombisch F222 222

7.BD.50 Itoit-Gruppe

Itoite Pb3GeO2(SO4)2(OH)2 orthorhombisch Pnma mmm

7.BD.55 Chiluit-Gruppe

Chiluite Bi3Te6+Mo6+O10.5 hexagonal

7.BD.60 Hectorfloresit-Gruppe

Hectorfloresite Na9(IO3)(SO4)4 monoklin P21/a 2/m

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