Palomo Mine


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Peru / Huancavelica, Region / Huancavelica, Provinz / Huachocolpa, Distrikt / Palomo Mine

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Zwischen Julcani und San Genaro. W-Ende des Distriktes.

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Grube (aufgelassen).



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⚒ Palomo, Huachocolpa, Huancavelica, PE
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Bildbreite: 1 mm; Fundort: Palomo Mine, Castrovirreyna Province, Huancavelica Department, Peru

Copyright: Christian Rewitzer
Contribution: Hg 2009-06-27
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Realgar with orpiment from Palomo Mine, Castrovirreyna Province, Huancavelica Department, Peru; Size 45 x 30 x 20 mm

Collection: pegmatite
Copyright: pegmatite
Contribution: pegmatite 2012-07-05
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Views (Image: 1321303252): 1830, Rating: 8.43

Mina Palomo, Huachocolpa,
Huancávelica, Peru
Größe: 0,1 cm

Copyright: Christian Rewitzer
Contribution: Collector 2011-11-14
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