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Russland / Nordwestrussland, Föderationskreis / Murmansk, Oblast / Kola-Halbinsel

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Kola-Halbinsel, Murmansk, Nordwestrussland, Föderationskreis, RU
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Minerals (Count: 1098)

Minerals (1098)

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Perfect quality and finished all around, glendonite specimen, from Olenitsa River, White Sea Coast, Murmanskaya Oblast', Northern Region, Russia; Size 27 х 27 х 23 mm

Copyright: pegmatite
Contribution: pegmatite 2018-04-05
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Fundort: Halbinsel Kola, Murmansk, Russland; ca. 2,5 cm Durchmesser

Copyright: berthold
Contribution: Mineralienatlas 2004-12-02
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Calcit pseudomorph nach Ikait (Glendonit); 43x45 mm, Halbinsel Kola, Russland

Collection: Embarak
Copyright: Embarak
Contribution: Embarak 2009-07-14
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Rocks (Count: 106)

Rocks (106)

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Schriftgranit aus den Granitpegmatiten von Enskoye, Kola-Halbinsel, Russland

Copyright: Lourenco B. Santos
Contribution: Collector 2008-01-23
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