Novofrolovskoye B-Cu-Lagerstätte


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Russland / Ural, Föderationskreis / Swerdlowsk, Oblast (Sverdlovskaya) / Tur'insk-Auerbakovsk Erzfeld / Krasnoturjinsk / Turya, Fluss / Turjinsk / Novofrolovskoye B-Cu-Lagerstätte

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Novofrolovskoye B-Cu-Lagerstätte, Swerdlowsk, Ural, Föderationskreis, RU
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Columnar aggregate of translucent Calciborite from its monomineral veinlet in marbles. Collected by S.V. Malinko. Excollection of I.V. Ostrovskaya. Abmessungen: 20 mm x 8 mm x 3 mm; Novofrolovskoye...

Collection: Pavel M. Kartashov
Copyright: Pavel M. Kartashov
Contribution: Stefan 2016-04-12
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weißes Aggregat von Sibirskit, Novofrolovskoye Lagerstätte, Turjinsk, Swerdlowsk, Russland; BB 7 mm, analysiert

Copyright: (Carsten Slotta)
Contribution: openpit 2020-03-22
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