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Utah, US
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Important: Before entering this or any other place of discovery you should have a permission of the operator and/or owner. Likewise it is to be respected that necessary safety precautions are kept during the visit.

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Minerals (Count: 847)

Minerals (847)

Mineral images (3 Images total)

Views (Image: 1094917687): 1822

Bildbreite: 15 mm; Fundort: Mineral Mountains, Utah, USA

Copyright: thothie
Contribution: Mineralienatlas 2004-09-11
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Views (Image: 1194954555): 1897

Vorkommen: Utah, USA; Größe: 5,7 x 5,3 cm

Copyright: Dan Weinrich
Contribution: Collector 2007-11-13
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Achat "der Lachende"
Views (Image: 1181148746): 2178
Achat "der Lachende"

sog. "Dugway"-Geode aus Utah, USA; Durchmesser: ca. 8 cm

Collection: Mineralroli
Copyright: Mineralroli
Contribution: Goldi85 2007-06-06
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Rocks (Count: 46)

Rock images (1 Images total)

Views (Image: 1300216359): 18947

Fundort: Utah, USA (nicht genauer bekannt); Größe: 12 x 6 cm

Collection: Mineralroli
Copyright: Mineralroli
Contribution: Mineralroli 2011-03-15
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Fossils (Count: 69)

Fossil images (6 Images total)

Views (Image: 1480505902): 9429

Trilobit indet., Kambrium, Utah, USA; Platte: L. ca. 10 cm, Fossil: L. ca. 3 cm

Collection: Fam. Schmitsberger
Copyright: oliverOliver
Contribution: oliverOliver 2016-11-30
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Views (Image: 1143218158): 878

Agnostus, 5mm Unteres Kambrium, Utah, USA

Copyright: Grenzton
Contribution: Grenzton 2006-03-24
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Views (Image: 1148915304): 1030

Unteres Kambrium, 5mm; Utah, USA

Copyright: Grenzton
Contribution: Grenzton 2006-05-29
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Stratigraphic units (Count: 2)

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