Blue Lizard Mine


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USA / Utah / San Juan Co. / White Canyon District / Red Canyon / Blue Lizard Mine

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Mine (old)


Cu-U-Vererzungen in Sandstein. Verkieseltes Holz.

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Blue Lizard Mine (Markey Mine)

Blue Lizard Mine (Markey Mine)

WGS 84: 
Lat.: 37.55722222° N, 
Long: 110.29555556° W
WGS 84: 
Lat.: 37° 33' 26" N,
   Long: 110° 17' 44" W
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⚒ Blue Lizard, Red Canyon, White Canyon, San Juan Co., Utah, US
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Oppenheimerite white Hexahydrite
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Oppenheimerite white Hexahydrite

Pale green subparallel growths of water worn oppenheimerite on quartz with white hexahydrite. Visually, oppenheimerite is quite similar to fermiite, but its crystal aggregates are more often found ...

Copyright: Travis Olds
Contribution: Stefan 2016-09-27
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grünlichgelber Wetherillit mit Hexahydrit
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grünlichgelber Wetherillit mit Hexahydrit

Blades of pale greenish-yellow wetherillite with hexahydrite. Travis Olds 2015; Field of view: 1.7 mm; Blue Lizard Mine, Red Canyon, White Canyon District, San Juan Co., Utah, USA

Copyright: Travis Olds
Contribution: Stefan 2016-09-27
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Ottohahnit xx
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Ottohahnit xx  E
Analysed with energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy EDX
Analysed with X-ray diffraction XRD
Analysed with fluorescence spectroscopy

FO: Blue Lizard Mine/USA; Bildbreite ca. 3,2mm

Collection: etalon
Copyright: etalon
Contribution: etalon 2017-11-02
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