Markey Mine


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USA / Utah / San Juan Co. / White Canyon District / Red Canyon / Markey Mine


Cu-U-Vererzungen in triassischem Sandstein, Sediment.

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Markey Mine

Markey Mine

WGS 84: 
Lat.: 37.54873769° N, 
Long: 110.23314277° W
WGS 84: 
Lat.: 37° 32' 55.456" N,
   Long: 110° 13' 59.314" W
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⚒ Markey, Red Canyon, White Canyon, San Juan Co., Utah, US
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Pale yellow crystals of leószilárdite (IMA2015-128) on a bed of andersonite from the Markey Mine. It is the first Na+Mg uranyl carbonate. Field of view: 1.5 mm;

Copyright: Travis Olds
Contribution: Stefan 2016-09-27
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Bladed yellow-green natromarkeyite from the Markey mine. Its structure is related to markeyite, where 2 Na replace 1 Ca and 1 H2O group; Locality: Markey Mine, Red Canyon, White Canyon Mining Distr...

Copyright: Travis Olds
Contribution: Stefan 2019-08-08
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hellgelbe, nadelige Kristalle von Feynmanit, Markey Mine, Red Canyon, San Juan Co., Utah, USA; BB < 1 mm

Copyright: Joy Desor
Contribution: openpit 2019-12-31
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