Fluorbarytolamprophyllite, Fluorlamprophyllite, Microcline, Aegirine, SodaliteFluorbarytolamprophyllite, Fluorlamprophyllite, Microcline, Aegirine, Sodalite
Zonal crystals of golden-brown Fluorbarytolamprophyllite owergrow cores of Fluorlamprophyllite within leucocratic Aegirine-Sodalite-Microcline syenite with disseminated impregnation of primary Villiaumite. Fluorine contents in these intergrowths vary from 4 to over 8 mas.%. Minor crystals of Loparite also presents in the rock. Collected by Mikhail Uchitel' in 2012 in dumps of adit #11 of the Kedyk area of the mine. Pavel M. Kartashov analythical data, collection and scan; Locality: Karnasurt mine, Karnasurt Mountain, Lovozersky District, Murmansk Oblast, Russia;
Copyright: Pavel M. Kartashov